So it’s been awhile since I’ve written anything because I’ve been fairly busy. I’m going to change things up for the next few posts because I have some new agents starting with me and I’ve decided to write about their progress as they start their new adventures. This should be interesting to see how 2 different people from opposite sides of the country and totally different backgrounds will approach their new business. I will give you some background on them but first I want to tell you what I offer them to get started as to show they are both starting on even ground. The first thing I offer is a TMS software, it’s the same software I use. This is to make out confirmations and track their loads and progress as time goes on. The second thing I offer is a load board (DAT). It’s the largest board in the world and a necessity to get started in the logistics world. They also get a company e-mail and my availability 24/7 to answer questions and guide them along until they are comfortable on their own.

The first Agent is named Barbara. Barbara owns a small trucking company out on the East Coast, is very knowledgeable about the trucking industry and is seems to be a real go getter. She’s looking for a way to build another business while still staying in transportation. She hasn’t had a vacation in 6 years because of her Trucking Company, which says a lot about her character as having a never give up attitude and wanting to be there for her drivers.  She’s looking for something that may free up her time a bit more. I personally think that she will excel in this business because of her background but I will be there for here to guide her along the first few weeks but by the way things are going I don’t think she will need me for long. As a side note, although everyone wants to get paid for their efforts, she’s not really doing this for the money. We will follow along with her during her journey and maybe I can get her to write a blog about how her first month or so went. Stay tuned!!

The second Agent I want to tell you about is named Steve. Steve is a retired Real Estate/Construction/Business owner. As a caveat, Steve also isn’t really doing this for the money. He wants to get into the Logistics game because of an incident that happened to him while he was moving his vehicle cross country. While taking bids from movers about the vehicle, it sparked his interest into pursuing this as a business. I’ve spoken with Steve on numerous occasions and he seems to have a mind for business and although he’s never actually worked in the Logistics world before, once he gets the lingo and figures out how moving freight works, he will be a star. My job again will be to mentor and help Steve along until he’s confident on his own. In the not too distant future, I’m hoping that Steve will also write a blog or 2 about how his experience is going in Logistics. Stay tuned!!

I’m very selective about whom I choose to bring on and mentor in this business as my time is very limited. I have customers to take care of and freight to move on a daily basis. I have to look for people that, although may not have the experience needed to get into a brokerage company, with some training, I can open the doors for them to a world not usually open for someone with no experience. I can’t explain in words who I think would be good at this, it’s just a feeling you get when you first speak with someone on the phone. They ask the right questions, they tell the right stories. Since I’ve started doing this, I’ve made some mistakes in bringing on some, but I am quickly learning who I think would be a good fit. After all, they have the greatest teacher in the world….Me 🙂