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Using Inter modal and the Big Boys to move your freight

Today I moved a load via Inter modal (The rail). There are 3 rail carriers I use and each one handles a different part of the country. Rates via the rail can be a gold mine if you can talk… Continue Reading →

Things you should know when dealing with Customers

When I was starting out I was happy to get any customer I could and wasn’t too choosy on where my freight came from. My first Customer was a small Paper Company in a very small town in Wisconsin. When… Continue Reading →

Margins (Breaking it down)

My Customer gives me a load for $500.00 going from point A to point B. I find a carrier to take it for $400.00. My Margin is 20% and my profit is $100.00, Basic math right? Usually your software system… Continue Reading →

What the hell is a Load Board

When you’re first starting out, you’re not going to have much of a carrier base to start out with. No fears, no one does when they’re first starting out, that’s why I’m writing this post. Here’s my daily routine, in… Continue Reading →

Taking Chances

  After being in the Freight Agent business about 6 mos, I met a guy that worked for a large Freight Brokerage office, he didn’t work from home but from an office Green Bay, WI. his name was Travis. I… Continue Reading →

When it comes to Customers, timing is everything!!

When I first started my venture as an Agent from home, one of my first calls was to a place I used to pick up loads from as a driver on a regular basis. It was a place that made… Continue Reading →

Finding a Niche

Before we take a look at finding Customers, we must first take a look at what type of freight you want to haul. You have plenty to choose from, Dry Van, Reefer, Flatbed, LTL, Hotshot, and Oversized to name a… Continue Reading →

Being Homeless (Part two)

So lets assume your home office is all set up and ready to go. Your Home computer is set up with high speed internet, you printer/fax machine is ready and your landline phone has a number with two separate ringtones,… Continue Reading →

Being Homeless (Part One)

There’s a few things we need to discuss in this blog that may dissuade you when starting out. The first thing you need to realize is that 99% of the larger Freight Brokerage companies out there will not hire an… Continue Reading →

Getting Started

I’m going to give you everything you will need in your office to get your business off the ground. I will keep it simple for you as when your starting out, it’s imperative to spend as little of your money… Continue Reading →

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