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The Bid Process

Training New Agents part 1 (A glance into real life as an Agent)

So it’s been awhile since I’ve written anything because I’ve been fairly busy. I’m going to change things up for the next few posts because I have some new agents starting with me and I’ve decided to write about their… Continue Reading →

The Greatest Salesman on Earth

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m going to tell you that the most important part of this job is finding customers. With that being said, you’re going to have to become a pretty good salesperson in order… Continue Reading →

More about Customers!!!

If you ask a Freight Sales person what it takes to bring a customer on board to their company they would tell you it takes an act of God. They have to make first contact, set an appointment to meet… Continue Reading →


When something major happens in the world, it usually affects the US economy. Typically the Stock Market makes adjustments because everyone gets nervous about one thing or another. In time, things go back to normal again and it’s business as… Continue Reading →

Some People just don’t know when to shut up!!!

One day I was driving down the road in my hometown and happened to notice an old barrel stove on the side of the road. It’s not that I was in the market for a barrel stove but I just… Continue Reading →

Things you need to know

Before I get into my post about what you need to know, I want to tell you about an experience I had a couple days ago. My future wife, was reading my last post about being prepared and happened to… Continue Reading →

Being Prepared

To learn how to be a truck driver you need to have a CDL. The first thing you would need to do is go down to the DMV and grab a handbook, this has all the info one would need… Continue Reading →

Let’s talk Carriers and Loads

There’s a difference between posting your loads and calling on carriers to take your loads. There are carriers out there that will post their trucks on the different load boards, meanwhile there are Brokers/Agents that will post there loads on… Continue Reading →

Are you wearing Rose Colored Glasses? (To assume an unduly optimistic and cheerful attitude (toward something); to focus solely or primarily on the positive aspects (of something))

I used to work with a woman that would quote freight rates for Customers, for what seemed to me, absolutely free!! I used to get so mad at her, I’d swear, piss and moan, act like a child, then I… Continue Reading →

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