To learn how to be a truck driver you need to have a CDL. The first thing you would need to do is go down to the DMV and grab a handbook, this has all the info one would need to take the written test. When you have studied the book you then go back to the DMV and take the test and if you pass your done with step one. The next step involves taking a road test, but you have never driven truck before so this step is going to be a bit tougher for you. You need to find someone that has a $100,000 truck and a $10,000 trailer that will let you, someone with no experience what so ever, practice with their truck…not very likely. There are thousands of truck drivers on the road today and they all have CDL’s. 90 percent of these people went thru some sort of school to learn how. The point I’m trying to make here is there’s some preparation involved before you decide to start any career that’s out of the norm of your previous job.

Step one in becoming a Freight Broker is to have deep pockets, I think I have mentioned this before. I know for a fact it would take someone with no experience a minimum of $200,000 to start a reputable Brokerage company in the first year. Sure you can get your Surety Bond, Brokerage license, and whatever else you need to get started but these are the basic things one would need to open the doors. I’ve been lucky enough to know exactly what it cost to start a Brokerage Company because I have been with the company I work for now since its inception. The Company I work for had already had an LTL (Less than Truckload) division that had been running profitably for 11 years at that time but the Customers they were working with also had full truckloads that needed to be moved. Instead of letting these potential profits fly out the door, they decided to start a full truckload Brokerage Company.

Because they knew very little about full truckload they first had to get someone who was knowledgeable about full truckload. Shortly after that they hired a woman who would get the ball rolling for them. The reason she was hired was because not only did she have the knowledge, she was also bringing to the table a million dollar Customer in addition to the freight that the company’s Customers would soon be moving thru their truckload brokerage. About a month or so later I was recruited because of my background and experience. I also brought a few of my own Customers and when combined with the other Customers, we were off and running. This is a company that knew exactly what they were doing, why they were doing it and how they were going to do it. They were PREPARED!!

There are Schools out there that will teach you how to become a Freight Agent or Broker but unlike learning how to drive truck where your actually physically driving a truck, a brokerage school can only give you information you will need, they won’t find actual Customers for you, a school isn’t going to give you the actual experience you need that only comes from trial and error. They aren’t going to give you the attitude you need to survive that first year. They aren’t going to get you into a Brokerage company. They won’t find freight for you. If they aren’t going to give you what you need to make it, then what good will a school do for you? Here’s a fact for you, 99 percent of the people I know that do this for a living never went to school. They did their own homework (preparation) and when they had an opportunity they took advantage of it.

Being prepared is going to be the most important factor in determining whether you make it in this business or fail. Do you have a list of Customers you’re ready to call on once you get the break you’re looking for? Is your fax machine ready to send out and receive faxes? Do you have your land Line ready with 2 separate numbers, one for calls and one for faxes? If you want to become an Agent like myself then your first step is to start collecting contacts, customers to call on. Get that fax machine, learn how to use it, call your phone company, and ask about a second line. Get prepared!!! If you’re going to call on Brokerage Companies looking for a way in, and you have no Customers, the next best thing is 100’s of contacts just waiting for you to call them, you need to show them your serious about this. What if they said ok we’ll give you a shot, will you be ready to hit the ground running, will you be Prepared?

I hope you’re catching my drift; I’m giving you the first steps you need to take to start a business as a Freight Agent. Get contacts, not to call on just yet, but to have for when you’re ready to start making calls. This is stuff you’re not going to want to worry about when your break comes. Get your lists started today, set up that office, put up that map, make sure your fax is up and running. This is step one. Success is when preparation meets opportunity, get prepared now and your opportunity will come. Let me know if you like my posts. I’m always here.